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(free) 03:32


released July 22, 2011

©2011 Ophisaurus Records. All Rights Reserved. Rainbow Dragon: Aimee Jost, Hector Lanza, Manny Ortiz, Chris Stutsman.



all rights reserved


Rainbow Dragon Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Dark Horse
Dark Horse he came riding in
smelled like fresh air, smelled like mountain
i was looking to escape, he looked like he knew the way

Dark Horse...

Hanging out in Garden City
Drinking beer by the riverside
listening to the car stereo
oh my god I was so fucking high

Dark Horse...

Dark Horse only spoke in code
I tried to listen but could not hear
Of course that shit did not work out
same for you, for me, for you, for me

Dark Horse...
Track Name: Rough Rider
Vaseline eyelashes glisten in the sun
Yeah, I'm going natural, I'm coming undone
quarter after five he'll come rolling into town
if he's not on the uppers you know he's on the downers
Hold on, it's going to be a rough ride

He's hanging with the shadows
howling with the wind
his arms are like a seatbelt strapping me in
I was trying to get across town
lost my way and my keys
he pulled up I screamed "Help!"
but it came out "Yes, please."
Hold on, it's going to be a rough ride.

Keeping time with the wreck
keep the beat with the crash
the clouds are all smoke, the rain broken glass
got my heart in my mouth, a club up my sleeve
everyone's royal straight, except him and me
hold it, I raise...

Gooseberries rolling, Chuck Berry makes it ring
got Fats on piano and the cheat's playing me
Hold on, it's going to be a rough ride.

No knife, no gun, they're waiting outside
I'm in a room shaking, no place to hide
cop lights are flashing all around the walls
"Come out with your hands up, or you won't come out at all."
He's nowhere to me found, left in the middle of the night
I should've known that mother fucker would never stay and fight
Ain't no one here but me, and then the shots ring
when I hit the ground, I hear the choir sing
"Oh Mary, bloody Mary, yeah life is but a dream."
I call.

Gooseberries rolling, Chuck Berry makes it ring
got Fats on piano and the cheat's playing me
people clap and sing, they're clowning on their knees
everybody's moving and there's a fine breeze
blowing Miles of trumpet, can you hear them drums build?
Jimmie hits it hard and Bessie moves in for the kill.
Hold on, it's going to be a rough ride.
Track Name: Plastic Amulets
I’m never gonna be free
I told myself
but I found these wings
and learned to fly

Never gonna look down
It’s my destiny
the razor high
the mortal lows

You had it all
Pissed all away
Got nothing left ‘cept
plastic amulets

How you ever gonna break free
from X-rays eyes
scorching the earth
A wake of death

You fake the end
You fade to black
Sweet honeycomb
Your love’s a tomb in wax
Track Name: Prospector
I am a prospector.
I dig and I search.
I am dirty from my head down to my toenails, and I trust no one.
I trust no one.
I dig deep underground beneath the graves of yours and mine.
Some say I'm lost, sick and wrong, but I trust no one.
And what I find, it's all mine.